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Global Bakery Products Manufacturer

This 360,000 sq. ft. facility upgraded all 72 of their 400W (+56W ballast) metal halide lights to our Seesmart LED 100W high bay with an acrylic cone. This is a national chain getting ready to roll out upgrades at all their facilities across the country after the success All American LED brought them with this upgrade.

Breezway This breezeway, used day and night, is lit with 21 of our Seesmart LED 100W high bays, with an acrylic cone. Our commercial grade LED lights produce more light than the 400W metal halide lights we replaced, and energy use was reduced by 78%! Photos are from outside the breezeway, just inside, and then all the way under the lights. Our customer used the same Seesmart LED high bays in their freezers to replace more 400W metal halides.

The large plant upgraded the light at their receiving docks with 19 of our 100W high bays. Lighting in the receiving area was measured at 3-5 foot candles before the upgrade, and measures 18-22 foot candles after. Now workers can see SKU numbers at the top of the shelving. Personnel moving products with forklifts are able to see well whether they’re moving product at the top or bottom of all the shelves, and the level of safety in this dynamic area was greatly increased.

The 60,000 sq. ft. freezer was upgraded with (25?) of our Seesmart LED 100W high bays, and this is a huge success story for the facility. Seesmart LED does fantastic in the cold, while the 400W metal halide failed constantly in the freezer making the replacement costs of bulbs & ballasts significant. Contrary to the 400W metal halide lights we replaced, Seesmart LED has an instant on/off capability allowing the use of motion sensors in the large freezer. Lights are on only when needed now, no more 24/7, running up the electric bill. Seesmart LED produces little heat allowing the freezer to operate more efficiently, while the 400W metal halide put out a lot heat. The LED high bays All American LED provided for our customer use 80% less energy right off the bat, but that was only a part of the benefits.

At receiving docs they were trying to use PAR38 220W halogens attached to a movable arm to light the inside of semi-trailers for forklift drivers unloading the goods. All American LED retrofitted these fixtures with Seesmart LED PAR38 18W 5600k with 60deg beam width. The light we provided increased safety, and the effectiveness of the drivers was increased because they can see so much better.

Seesmart LED tube lights have been used to upgrade existing florescent tubes. This facility will shortly have replaced over 3000 florescent tubes, decreasing their energy use by 60%, and eliminating all maintenance and replacement costs. The one of a kind Seesmart LED tubes are DLC certified, so they are receiving an incentive worth 20% of the total cost from the local energy provider.

Family Owned Grocery Chain

Take a look at the three photos, and the look around the edge of the produce section. In the first two you can see a big difference between the area with the salad dressings on the right, and the produce on the left edge. The fixtures over the salad dressing have just been retrofitted with Seesmart LED tubes (4′ 15W 4000k) with a clear lens. We’re only part way through the retrofit, so the lights over the produce on the left edge are still the conventional 32W tubes. Under the conventional lights the produce looks dull. Take a look at the third photo and you can see how the colors of the produce just pop, showing the dramatic difference our pure light makes when showing true colors. Big difference, and a great look that has increased sales for this retailer!

grocer1 grocer2

grocer3 The meat section also looks terrific. Here we used our Seesmart LED 4′ 15W 3000k to best show the meat products. The store is well lit, but you can see the difference the LED tubes make by looking at the floor. The light from the LED tubes stops about 1′ from the display. Meats are lasting longer because they aren’t bombarded by UV, and sales are better because the products show so well with our LED..

This grocery store had (48) PAR30 75W halogen track lights over their produce section that were constantly burning out, put out a monotone glaring light, and produced enormous heat. For this retrofit All American LED used Seesmart LED PAR30 9W lamps in natural & warm white. This upgrade ensures the grocery store shows all their produce more effectively, with a measured increase in sales. Energy use has been reduced by 88%. Maintenance & replacement costs have been eliminated! People working in the produce section now focus on selling produce instead of moving ladders around to replace burnt out lights. ROI on the PAR30 LED was less than 6 months. Nice!

grocer5 We replaced 48 to 60 PAR30 75W & 90W halogens in all four of their stores with our Seesmart LED 9W PAR30 lamps. We used a kelvin color that would show off the particular produce best. Warm colors (3000k) were used for reds/purples, and natural white (4000-4500k) for the greens and yellows. This retrofit has a 3.5 month ROI, with 88% energy savings, and eliminating all maintenance. The produce manager can focus on produce, instead of lights.

National Chain, Automotive Repair Shop

The entire 30,000 sq. ft. was lit with T12 tubes. In the display, and hospitality area of this store, 4′ T12 were replaced with our DLC certified tubes. The increase in lighting brought a distinct improvement in the mood created. It was no longer an old drab place, but instead a shining, modern, comfortable area for customers to wait in.

tire1 The tire sales, and auto maintenance shop has reduced their energy bill by 50%, and the difference in light has made everyone smile. The mechanics smile because their job is easier to do when they see better, and the owner is smiling because the mechanics are more productive…..money isn’t just produced by the energy savings.

The maintenance bay had 8′ T12 lamps, and we replaced those with our 4′ lamps increasing the amount of light from 8 foot candles to 18 foot candles, which has also increased productivity, and reduced errors in the shop. There’s a lot more light, and it looks so much better.

In each area energy use was reduced by 70%, and all maintenance & replacement costs were eliminated. Personnel can now spend their time working on vehicles, the work that makes money, instead of climbing up ladders and lifts to change lamps and ballast. Technology is great!