Lights Used for this Application
  • Decorative Lights & Sidewalk Lights – View the Decorative Street Lights Brochure
  • High Bays

    We have two high bay product lines, Seesmart and Relume, providing over 200 LED high bays to choose from. All are commercial grade, extremely capable, with characteristics available to serve in any setting. We can replace anything from a 150W to 1500W metal halide high bay, or T8 and T5 low bay fixtures, inexpensively, and with far better light. Energy use is usually reduced by 75-80%. Five different mounting systems make our LED high bays extremely useful in any facility. Our LED high bays provide a great opportunity to finally get rid of your expensive T5 systems. The knowledgeable sales professionals of All American LED will help you understand the choices available, and direct you to the product that best meets your needs. You can expect to receive rebates and incentives because many of our LED high bays are DLC (Design Lights Consortium) certified products.

  • Tubes

    No other LED tube lights in the country approach the capability and quality our engineers have packed into the Seesmart LED tubes. We have LED tubes from 11” up to 6′ long. With 34 DLC (Design Lights Consortium) certified LED tube light products we ensure that you will harvest all the incentive money possible from your energy provider, while reducing your energy use by 60%, improving the lighting quality, and eliminating the need to replace ballast or lamps ever again. This is a great synergy of benefits that guarantees a compelling ROI. It’s no trouble for us to retrofit the antiquated 8’ T8, or T12 fixtures. Tube lights are useful in many applications, and our Seesmart LED tube lights transform your lighting system from an expense, into an energy saving asset.

  • Parking Garage LED

    Our ParkVue LED parking garage lights from our Relume line are spectacular. We also have Seesmart LED low bays, and both lights are DLC certified. If tube fixtures are installed already, a quick retrofit with our LED tube lights will be a great upgrade solution.

  • Street Lights

    Roadway – We have many choices to upgrade anything from 150W to 400W metal halide. There are many choices for color of light, shape of the light, or finish of the metal.

    Revolution Lighting Technologies has many LED solutions for decorative pole top lights, via our Relume product line.