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Lights Used for this Application
  • Tubes

    No other LED tube lights in the country approach the capability and quality our engineers have packed into the Seesmart LED tubes. We have LED tubes from 11” up to 6′ long. With 34 DLC (Design Lights Consortium) certified LED tube light products we ensure that you will harvest all the incentive money possible from your energy provider, while reducing your energy use by 60%, improving the lighting quality, and eliminating the need to replace ballast or lamps ever again. This is a great synergy of benefits that guarantees a compelling ROI. It’s no trouble for us to retrofit the antiquated 8’ T8, or T12 fixtures. Tube lights are useful in many applications, and our Seesmart LED tube lights transform your lighting system from an expense, into an energy saving asset.

  • CFL Replacements

    Seesmart LED products can replace the unsightly, (not to mention, expensive), CFL in your facility. Facility directors are always asking for a way to replace the high maintenance CFL systems, and we have some fantastic LED products that will do just that. Our LED will reduce the energy used by 50% or more, outlast the CFL by 25X, and produce light that is pleasing, making your facility look so much better. Unlike CFL our LED use no mercury, are durable, and require no maintenance. A constant effort using lifts and ladders to change out lamps will be a thing of the past.

    We have three types of LED down lights that retrofit right into the can where CFL lights are currently being used. Two of our LED down lights use the same G24d-1 base that the CFL lights use, and the other LED down light is round, and retrofits into the opening of a recessed can.

    We also have LED tubes to replace the 4-pin CFL that are mounted horizontally in a fixture. These go in length from 8” to 21”. Our engineers are producing products that other LED manufacturers only wish they could produce.

  • PAR Lamps & Spotlights

    We have about 200 product choices, providing you choices in light color, beam width, lamp size, lumen production and more, including many energy star certified products. We make it an easy choice to switch to LED. ROI on these products are usually less than 6 months.

    Our Seesmart LED spotlights will reduce your energy use by 80-90%, and end the time-consuming hassle of replacing burnt out halogen spotlights. Any facility with halogen spotlights spends a great deal of time and money dealing with their antiquated system. Our LED will reduce also reduce the heat production by a bunch.

    With PAR 20/30/38 LED lights you can replace your halogen and CFL, reduce your energy use by 50-90%, and really improve the lighting. So many lighting systems are in areas that are difficult to access, so no one does the required maintenance until it looks real shabby. Now you can have lighting that looks great, requires zero maintenance, uses 50-90% less energy, and produces far less heat than a conventional system.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    For parking lots we have LED to replace your shoe box, or cobra head lights. These lights are DLC (Design Lights Consortium) certified, and you will receive incentives from your energy provider to use them. We also make it easy with the option of using a photocell or control system. Our lights comply with all dark sky initiatives, so the parking area will look fantastic without bothering the neighbors.

    Our LED wall packs will save more than 70%, and really improve the look of any building. You have the choice of using a photocell.

    LED Wall Washers can be used to light up a building, a flag, or for general area lighting.

  • LED Signage & Accent / Cove / Under-cabinet Lighting

    Signs are always a maintenance nightmare because they have to look good, and conventional lamps just don’t last. Also, that is a huge 24/7 suck on energy use. We can fix that.

    Our LED signage is extremely easy to install, will last for at least 5 years without any maintenance, and will make your signs very attractive. Our third-party verified failure rate is less than .0002%. In addition we will handle all the design work for you with our professional team.

    This is a one-of-a-kind product, inexpensive to buy, and drastically reduces the cost of sign ownership. Our Lumificient LED signage is a must have LED product.

  • Parking Garage LED

    Our ParkVue LED parking garage lights from our Relume line are spectacular. We also have Seesmart LED low bays, and both lights are DLC certified. If tube fixtures are installed already, a quick retrofit with our LED tube lights will be a great upgrade solution.